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In construction, beyond your reputation, nothing is more valuable than your time

Precisely-managed, high-quality work generates a profit. Do you have the time?

Accurate and reliable, we help you propose on more projects without risk.


    Services Offered

    Construction is a complex, ever-changing challenge where seemingly no two days are the same. Contractors find themselves having to juggle doing the work with the constant need to win new work in a never-ending cycle. In many cases, especially at smaller firms, both activities require the expertise of the same key people. By taking the time consuming, and occasionally tedious, work of materials quantities off your plate, Impulse Takeoffs helps your most valuable assets stay focused on quality work and client relationships.

    Request a Takeoff

    To initiate a takeoff, clients complete a Request for Proposal to register their business and provide the project documentation required to develop a price proposal. Requirements include common project information and the expected takeoff delivery date; salient specifics about the scope of work; and the construction documents via either uploaded blueprints or links to plan rooms/builder boards.

    When a Request for Proposal is activated, Impulse Takeoffs will acknowledge your request by email and respond within 24 hours with a comprehensive fee proposal based on the time required to complete the work. The proposal will breakdown the work and deliverables, the time required to calculate the quantities, and payment options.

    Once the proposal is approved, clients will be able to tailor payment strategies based on volume of work, frequency of need, and other independent variables related specifically to their operation. Clients pre-funds their account and allocate the hours across one takeoff or many, project-by-project, monthly, quarterly, special circumstance, or otherwise, as desired.

    Account Management

    When a new client relationship is established, Impulse Takeoffs will work with you to understand the specifics of your business and how you anticipate using our services. Together, we will review your estimating format and determine how our reporting is best developed to correspond exactly to your expectations. By understanding your work and if you will be proposing on specific divisions, multiple divisions, entire projects, or using a monthly-hours allocation, Impulse Takeoffs will assign a consultant to your account whose experience and availability is the best fit.

    In close coordination with our leadership, the consultant will further refine our understanding of your acute needs and expectations. Estimate-by-estimate the program will be completely dialed-in to your business and how Impulse Takeoffs works best for you.

    Additional SERVICES

    Budgetary & Cost Estimates

    This is where we review the material takeoff and give them a rough order of magnitude of what the cost should be for any scope.

    Final Estimate & Proposals

    We can turn your material takeoff into a Final Estimate ready for your clients. We will:

    • Work with your suppliers to pull actual material quotes
    • Add your labor rates, general conditions, contingency, OH&P
    • Prepare proposals to your specifications in your desired format
    • Provide you with a final estimate for your review and final modifications
    • Print/Email ready formatting to send to each client

    Change Order Management

    Review and validate change order submissions against the changes requested by the client to validate price and accuracy

    Scope Review & Comparison

    • Review estimates to ensure that your subs have included everything that is called for on the blueprint set.
    • Compare estimates from multiple contractors to arrive at an “apples-to-apples” comparison of each proposal to give you the information needed to choose the most cost effective option before it’s too late.

    Project Scheduling

    • We can work with your team to help you build summary or detail level project schedules that will help your subs meet even the most aggressive timelines.
    • We can also help you identify risk points in your schedule and help to mitigate these risks

    Proposal Automation

    Let us create custom Excel Visual Basic coding to help you automate the process of turning your estimates into a customer ready proposal with the click of a button!


    Time, money, and confidence combine to define the fundamental benefits Impulse Takeoffs brings to every project. Achieving these objectives begins with our accurate, reliable, experts and their commitment to excellence.

    Accuracy is Imperative

    Construction takeoffs can be calculated many ways depending on the individual’s knowledge, logic, assumptions, scopes of work, and countless other factors.

    When a consultant is assigned to your account, we will work closely with you to understand expectations, logic, assumptions, overages, trade overlap, and other variables specific to your business and project.

    Reporting in your format streamlines the review process and helps illuminate any quantity incongruities that may exist. By focusing on your expectations, as we earn your trust, your time is valuably invested elsewhere.

    Reliability Must Be Absolute

    Impulse Takeoffs has never missed a deadline and we plan to keep it that way. When a project is in the proposal stage, Impulse Takeoffs will assess the schedule and clearly define the turn-around time. Rather than leaving your consultant to manage your account alone, all project communications come through the client account portal on our webpage. This assures that Impulse Takeoffs’ senior leadership is overseeing client commitments, communication, delivery, and satisfaction every step of the way.

    Experts Make It Work

    The consultants working with Impulse Takeoffs are specifically selected for an acute combination of skills that are simply not easy to come by. We hire only seasoned professionals who have estimated commercial construction and either managed work or been in the field building it. The combination of technical knowledge and hands-on know-how applied by a thoughtful resource who blends into your business as an extension of staff is what distinguishes Impulse Takeoffs as a vital resource.

    Word from Our Clients

    Going the extra mile

    We have undertaken a very expensive experiment over the past 6 months.  We handed the same projects to several different local and online takeoff and estimating services to find out who was the best fit for our company. Honesty, accuracy, and a willingness to help us customize the data we need to be most competitive was our criteria. Impulse Takeoffs stood out head and shoulder against all competition and has earned our trust and business.  We have a winner!

    Micah Rodriguez
    A+ Construction

    Focus on Business Development

    Our Firm has been working with Paul and his team for about 6 months now. It has been a major asset in allowing us to keep management in the field and Quality Control at a high level. Their product is done in a clear and easy to interpret format that allows us to quickly get all the footages and take-off info that we need

    Brian Foy Jr.
    FDS Enterprises & Construction LLC

    Overflow Estimating Services

    After considering a number of estimating companies we chose Impulse Takeoffs primarily because they were local. After working with them for a few months we came to really appreciate their fast turn times and good communication. They have really come through for us while we went without a chief estimator for several months.”

    Sean J. Murphy
    F.S. Scarbrough, LLC

    Fast Turnaround & Scalability

    Every opportunity is different. Sometimes things have to be turned around in a few days, other times 24-hours. Impulse Takeoffs never fails to respond, and I am not waiting two or three days for answers. Using Impulse Takeoffs, I save the expense of another full-time employee yet always have access to just the right amount of additional capacity in estimating.

    Tracy Lee, President
    American Roofing Services

    Custom Deliverables

    It has been a pleasure getting to know him and working with him. He understands we are all aiming for the same goal in takeoffs but go about it in different ways. This means his takeoffs may need to be adjusted to suite my needs rather than what may have been done for another company with the same trade. These are the kind of people I take pleasure in working with.

    James Searcy
    Pro Tech Builders

    Custom Designed Estimating Spreadsheet

    After only working with Paul a short time, I decided to build an extensive Excel spreadsheet for pricing and purchasing and Paul has been right on board. His extensive knowledge of Excel has been a tremendous help. He has not only taught me to do the majority of it by myself he has been on call to assist early in the morning and late into the night. There were just some complex formulas I could not figure out and Paul handled them easily.

    James Searcy
    Pro Tech Builders

    Value Proposition

    Impulse Takeoffs is a value compared to the cost of a full-time employee. Their professionals read the plans and produce the calculations exactly as I want them, and the hours are allocated as needed to meet my actual workload.

    Jeff Rosser, President
    Rosser Painting

    Time & Money Savings

    Using Impulse Takeoffs, we confidently propose on more projects and win more work. It really frees up my project managers to be in the field overseeing the work instead of at a desk doing takeoffs. It saves us time and money and helps us concentrate our most valuable resources where we need them.

    Tracy Lee, President
    American Roofing


    Accuracy in quantities is definitely important and the backup is always just what I’m asking for. Sending their calculations on to my supplier is basically a copy/paste exercise that really doesn’t involve a lot of risk on my part with Impulse Takeoffs on board.

    Jeff Rosser, President
    Rosser Painting

    Time Savings

    We specialize in custom residential and historic repaint projects that require very high-touch attention to detail. Impulse Takeoffs allows me to invest my time and energy in customer satisfaction rather than doing drywall calculations.

    Jeff Rosser, President
    Rosser Painting

    Custom Formatted Takeoffs

    Obviously, all of this involves a lot of money and a fair amount of risk for the contractor regardless if you are building a high-rise in New York City or hanging drywall in Kansas. Impulse Takeoffs’ willingness to deliver quantity calculations using my logic, my assumptions, and my level of detail allows me to see apples-to-apples against the calculations we are generating in-house.

    Kalyan Kulumani
    Gotham New York, LLC.