Project Portal Instructions


My Projects

This is where you will find a list of all of your projects.  If you click on a specific project, you will see more detail and you will be able to download all files that were posted including the takeoff deliverables that we returned. These projects will remain in your account for a minimum of 2 years.


Project Detail: From here you can see specific details about a project, you can view/add messages, and you can view/add files. Click on any blue underlined file and choose download option if you want to download a copy to your computer.

Project Name : Short Name for Project (ex. Burger King 123; Office Remodel – Roswell, GA; etc.)

Project Description : Unlimited space to give a description of the project and your takeoff needs Project

Attachments: Click ‘Add File’ to upload PDF blueprints. Hold down Ctrl while you click on all blueprints to load multiple files at once. *Note – (OPTIONAL) In the description, provide a link and username/password to your plans on the internet. Once you click send, the job will be sent for review. Once approved (usually within 2 hours) it will appear in your main project table. Email with any questions. Invoices From this tab you can see a table of all past invoices. Note the Project ID field will help you tie each invoice to a project. You can find this information in the project details section of every project. So first, you look at project ABC, and in the details, you see the Project ID is 20160511R02 So now you search the invoice table for that same project Id to know which invoice goes with each project. You can also click on any invoice to see the detail, download a PDF copy of it, and click on the PAY button to pay with credit card.



***Edit My Profile***

It's very important to update your phone in case we need to reach you

Edit your company profile information including contact and billing info

You are not able to edit your Business Name, Username, or Email address from here.  If you need to change one of those, send an email to


Add New Project

(When you submit your project, it will be reviewed and posted on your My Projects tab within 1 business day)

Click here to start a new project:

  • Title: Give your project a short title that distinguishes it from other projects.  (ex. Burger King #123)

  • Add files:  if you want to add plans, you can upload them here.  Or any other files you might want to load.

  • Description: if you have a LINK to your plans, just paste it in the Description along with any credentials (if necessary) and we will retrieve the plans for you.


****NOTE****Make sure you describe EXACTLY want you want in the takeoff.  Be as specific as possible in order to get the most out of our service.



Purchase Credits

This is where you can see the pricing of credits and how they work. In addition, you can purchase credits from here. Usually within a few hours, your purchased credits will appear in your Project Log. No projects will begin unless there are enough CREDITS in your account to cover the estimated need.

CREDITS can be purchased one at a time or in highly discounted bulk packages



Project Log

This tab shows a project log for customers to see their CREDIT activity. This shows all CREDITS coming in and how they were used as they go out. In addition to viewing all activity, you can export the table to an Excel spreadsheet at any time.