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Floor & Wall Covering Takeoffs

At Impulse Takeoffs, we pride ourselves in expert estimation of the various building trades. Our Flooring estimators comprise of seasoned flooring experts in all facets of any flooring need.

We can estimate not only the standards; Carpet, Tile, Wood, Vinyl, VCT etc., but also, the specialty products such as Heat Welding, Formed Coving, Stone Hanging, Poured Floors, concrete polishing work and more.

Each project is unique, and each project is assigned to one of our construction experts that is most suited to handle your specific project requirements.  We handle projects of all sizes: single-family homes, large apartment complexes, multi-story hotels, professional sports stadiums, and much more!


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Takeoff Procedures

  1. We will review your blueprints and provide you with a FREE Proposal within 1 business day.
  2. If approved, we will generally deliver your takeoff package within 3-4 business days.
  3. Each takeoff package is customized to the project requirements and include:

– Marked up blueprints
– Custom spreadsheet of takeoff quantities with requested breakouts
– Inclusions & Exclusions
– Finish Schedule screenshots
– Project notes
– etc.


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Featured Flooring Projects


New York, NY

Renovation of 7 stories of a Manhattan skyscraper

This project was a renovation of 7 floors. First, the project had many unique requirements including the use of both Static Disipative Tile and Epoxy floors. Secondly, there were 12 different flooring products and installation materials and techniques required, many of which were used both individually, as well as collectively, in extensive pattern work. As is often the case in High Rise Buildings, the project had to take into account the variety of moisture levels and substrate issues that come with these types of projects.

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Springhouse Village – Phase I

Fayetteville, AR

New Construction – 98,869 SF Independent living community

Similar to Apartment finishes, this project was nearly two full acres of carpet, multiple ceramic tiles including patterning, vinyl floors and bathroom installs such as shower pans and wall tiles. This project was done in phases and was intricate in that the variety of styles and products had to be closely monitored in order to include the various components that come with such a job, up to and including: waterproofing membranes, accent tiles and specialty trims, backing panels and the list continues on. A fun project for us to work on for sure! Independent living for senior adult housing is an age-restricted housing for active adults 55 years and up. Residents in these villas live independently, are typically active (requiring little to no medical supervision) and may or may not be retired.

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Saks Fifth Avenue

New York, NY

Renovation of 54,000-square-foot fifth floor of its Manhattan flagship store

Our takeoff consisted of complete demo and remodel including carpet, tile, terrazzo, VCT, hardwood, rubber base, etc. This project required extreme care in order to provide the most accurate of details considering the complexity and multiple products matches required to complete this project, up to and including specialty items such as Area Rugs and insets.

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Harken Health

Midtown Atlanta, GA

Renovation of a 6000 Sf Medical facility

Medical facilities are often unique for flooring estimates and installations in that they are one of the few places where heat welded vinyl is a common option. Beyond that, to find extensive patterning and other specialty products in more of the norm that the exception. Although this project was not nearly as diverse as many medical clinics and hospitals, we did have some specialty products such as Vinyl Planks and specialty transition to take off.

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