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    Civil Takeoff & Estimating Experts

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    Do you need expert US-based civil experts to help with your takeoffs or estimates?  Our experts can help immediately!  From overflow project support to full outsourcing of all of your work!  Takeoffs or Estimates.  No matter the project size — from small residential properties to full subdivisions, large commercial, or industrial facilities.  On request, we can provide you with the source AGTEK takeoff files to import into your software along with Google Earth overlays.

    Fill out the ‘Request Information’ form at the top of the page and let me know what questions you have and what scope you are interested in so we can email you a sample project so you can see what to expect from our experts.


    CSI MasterFormat Civil Divisions


    Division 31 – Earthwork

    Earthwork shoring, underpinning, excavation support and protection are often critical concerns on urban infill projects. Even on greenfield developments, accounting for soil stabilization, off-gassing mitigation, and erosion and sedimentation control can carry risk and large financial commitments. Impulse Takeoff will deliver absolute confidence in the quantities calculated by understanding what you want to know and how you want to know it.
    Excavation takeoff groupings include land clearing, grubbing, earthwork, digging ponds, cut/fill, finegrading, miscellaneous excavation, and import/export materialst, removal, or relocation. We have calculated rock stabilization, soil reinforcements, slope protection, retaining walls, cofferdams and load-bearing piles of all sorts. Our consultant will be building a relationship based on what matters to you, how you want quantities presented, and the clearest set of desired documentation. Takeoff reporting will include a marked-up pdf detailing calculated areas, along with a spreadsheet of the required material counts, and backup documentation.
    When it comes to accurate calculations in Division 31, Impulse Takeoffs digs deep. Public or private, big or small, fast, accurate, and always available, bid and build confidently with Impulse Takeoffs on your side.


    Division 32 – Exterior Improvements

    Exterior Improvements broadly covers many site elements from concrete & asphalt paving, curb & gutter, sidewalks, handicap ramps, driveways, athletic and recreational surfacing, turfs and grasses, irrigation, and fencing. Landscaping elements in Division 32 include planting, soil preparation and stabilization, and even environmental considerations like wetlands restoration. It takes a collection of skilled artisans to construct exterior improvements that stand the test of time. With Impulse Takeoffs on your team, you can focus on what you do best and leave the quantities to us.
    Landscaping, site furnishings, flexible paving, and other materials are continually evolving. Building a relationship, project-by-project, will refine the details in your reporting. Calculating accurate quantities without unnecessary information comes from asking the right questions and listening carefully. Our reporting will include a spreadsheet of the required material counts along with a marked-up pdf detailing the areas calculated and all backup documentation covering assumptions and logic.
    Big or small, public or private, exterior improvements covers a lot of ground in an industry where innovation happens every day. Stay on top of Division 32, Exterior Improvements, with Impulse Takeoffs in your corner.


    Division 33 – Utility Infrastructure

    Utility infrastructure is complicated, expensive, and difficult to correct after it is installed. Covering all of a site and building’s utilities from storm sewer, roof drains, water piping, and storage tanks to sanitary sewage, gas, electrical, steam, and communications, Division 33 leaves little room for error. Impulse Takeoffs will invest in understanding what matters to you specifically and tailor our reporting accordingly.
    Many utility scopes have to respond to specific jurisdictional requirements in addition to the information defined in the specifications. Areas like stormwater management can involve complex pumping stations, outlet structures, and filters. Communications and electrical utilities involve many ancillary components beyond cabling and wiring like towers, hardware and control systems. The consultant working with you will become an extension of your estimating effort, delivering quantities in your format. A spreadsheet of the required material counts, a marked-up pdf detailing the areas calculated and all backup documentation covering assumptions and logic will be included in the reporting.
    Big or small, simple or complex, the is no room for inaccuracy in Division 33 materials calculations. Order and build with confidence with Impulse Takeoffs on your team.